For 34 years, Shelly Rose Photography has been a cherished institution in Scarborough, Maine, renowned for capturing the unique spirit and personality of high school seniors. With an unwavering passion for her craft and a deep connection to her community, Shelly Rose has created a photographic legacy that is as vibrant and dynamic as the beautiful scenery surrounding her studio.

A Passion for Photography

From the moment you meet Shelly Rose, her enthusiasm is infectious. With a camera in hand and a smile on her face, Shelly has dedicated her life to freezing time through her lens, preserving the fleeting moments of youth in stunning detail. Her passion for photography shines through in every image, making each senior feel like the star of their own story.

The Perfect Studio Setting

Nestled in the heart of Scarborough, Shelly Rose’s landscaped studio is a picturesque haven that offers endless possibilities for breathtaking photos. Imagine posing on an overhung porch that provides the perfect blend of shade and sunlight, creating a natural spotlight that enhances every shot. The rustic shed, with its weathered charm, adds a touch of nostalgia and authenticity to your photos, making them truly one-of-a-kind.

Iconic 57′ Chevy Truck

One of the most iconic features of Shelly Rose’s studio is the classic 57′ Chevy truck. This vintage beauty is more than just a prop—it’s a symbol of timeless style and adventure. Seniors love to lean against its polished exterior, climb into the driver’s seat, or simply bask in its retro glory. The 57′ Chevy truck brings a sense of fun and excitement to every session, turning an ordinary photo shoot into an extraordinary experience.

Nature’s Beauty

Surrounding the studio, lush greenery and vibrant flowers provide a stunning natural backdrop that enhances the beauty of every photograph. Whether you’re standing among the blooming flowers or nestled within the verdant foliage, the rich colors and textures of the landscape add depth and dimension to your portraits. The serenity and splendor of nature at Shelly Rose Photography create an idyllic setting that perfectly complements the joy and anticipation of senior year.

A Treasure Trove of Memories

Over the past three decades, Shelly Rose has photographed thousands of high school seniors, each one a unique journey of discovery and expression. Her ability to connect with her subjects and capture their true essence is what sets her apart. Clients return year after year, generation after generation, to experience the magic of Shelly’s photography.

Join the Celebration

As Shelly Rose Photography celebrates 34 years of capturing memories, there’s no better time to become a part of this extraordinary legacy. Whether you’re a high school senior ready to commemorate this milestone or a parent looking to create lasting memories, Shelly’s studio is the perfect place to celebrate this special time in your life.

Book Your Session Today!

Don’t miss the opportunity to work with one of Scarborough’s most beloved photographers. Book your session with Shelly Rose Photography today and experience the perfect blend of passion, creativity, and natural beauty. Let Shelly’s lens capture the essence of who you are and create memories that will last a lifetime.


Shelly Rose Photography: Where every picture tells a story, and every senior is a star. 🌟📸


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